Investment Strategies

Klocke Capital Group strives to preserve our clients' capital while delivering robust, 
asymmetric investment returns during various market cycles.

Enhanced ETF
The Enhanced ETF strategy capitalizes on the cost and tax efficiency, diversification benefits, 
and superior performance profile of Exchange Traded Funds. Our ETF portfolios achieve 
broad diversification across various asset classes with minimal cost. Using a unique options 
overlay strategy, we are able to enhance current income, mute volatility, and create a 
significant downside buffer for our ETF portfolios. Additionally, our Enhanced ETF portfolios 
may hold large cap, dividend producing equities.

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Conservative                 Moderate                        Aggressive                         Core Equity Income   

Convertible Advantage
Convertible securities are interest bearing, hybrid securities that participate in equity 
upswings while enjoying bond-like yields that protect against falling markets. Convertibles 
deliver asymmetric returns; they tend to enjoy two thirds of the gains generated by a broad 
market advance while experiencing only one third of market declines. Klocke Capital Group 
specializes in constructing diversified portfolios of high yielding, risk averse convertible securities.