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investment services

Investment Services

Our asset-based management fee is our only source of revenue. We are an independent, Registered Investment Adviser with no conflicts of interest. We receive no commissions or any other compensation related to our investment processes. We have no financial incentive to recommend certain investment options over others. As a fiduciary, it is our sole responsibility to help our clients build their wealth over the long run. Additionally, our fee will decline as additional assets are invested.

KCG specializes in the following areas of investment management:

Portfolio Management

We manage client portfolios in accordance with their individual risk/reward profile and in alignment with their personal financial objectives. We diligently monitor our clients' portfolio holdings in order to capture opportunities and minimize risk.  


We offer cost effective solutions for 401(k) plans. We can add value in achieving the following objectives: cost control, fiduciary liability, risk management, transparency, investment management and plan design.

As fee only advisers, we are in a position to provide objective evaluations of various 401(k) record keepers and third party administrators. Additionally, as Registered Investment Advisers, we are able to absorb a significant portion of your fiduciary liability exposure. Finally, we can help you remain compliant with ERISA safe harbor rules that are designed to provide fiduciary liability relief to Plan Sponsors such as yourself.

Please contact us if you would like to review an existing 401(k) plan or establish a new 401(k) plan. Our approach can help you minimize your fiduciary liability exposure while increasing transparency and reducing the costs associated with your plan.